Sunday, September 09, 2007

Déjà Vu

So I'm perusing this week's tv guide to scope out what to watch and what to record. The US Open finals are going on, as are the first matches of the Rugby World Cup, and the American football season has started. Not to mention movies and things.

I saw the entry for Sunday night's episodes of Star Trek Voyager and something about one of the episode descriptions caught my eye.

It says, "The crew of the USS Voyager encounter a strange creature."

I think I've seen that one before...


  1. I just realized after proof-reading the post, that the tv guide entry lists Avery Brooks and Cirroc Lofton as members of the cast of Voyager.

    Mr. Brooks was not in the Voyager series, but was the star of Star Trek : Deep Space Nine. And Lofton played his son.

    DS9 is also running on tv now, but on another channel.

    Somebody didn't do his editing work !

  2. One of the things that drives me crazy with the way they show series in this coungry is how they will occasionally show the episodes in total disorder and the viewer is totally at a loss, because his heroin who had for example just had a child is heavily pregnant in the NEXT episode. And the channel never apologises.
    I used to watch a lot of TV, but not much any more.

  3. aha, i was going to say the same thing about Avery Brooks, although i was hesitant to out myself as a bit of a Trekkie.

  4. Claude, yesterday they showed Episode 4 of Star Wars on some channel that is supposedly running the whole series of movies. Why didn't they start with Episode 1, I wonder?


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