Friday, September 07, 2007

Puppy Pic Of The Week

Another puppy flic. There's music, so be careful if you're at work.

Callie's at the vet's office today getting spayed. Ouch. She'll be home in the afternoon recovering. Another day, another scar. Still beautiful, though.


  1. great flick and montage featuring your star !

  2. she's beutiful.
    I felt so guilty when I got my cat fact, I still feel guilty.

  3. Made me laugh when she started to retrieve the tennis ball and decided to plunk herself down and roll in the grass instead. Yeah, she's beautiful.

  4. That was fabulous! And the music was perfect.

    She is beautiful.


  5. Cosmic fabulosity,indeed. She's definitely a charmer. The montage shows how much she's changed in just a few short months.

  6. This was sooooo cute!!! I too have had two border collie's and they are definately"a breed above".If I remember correctly,they heal very quickly from this surgery.Maybe you will enjoy a couple of "quiet days" before she is back to normal!

    Seattle Wa

  7. aaaaahhh beautiful little girl....she will be up and about before you know it. In fact when my border collie(Molly)came home......we couldn't believe she didn't realize she had just gone through major surgery.

    Good luck keeping Callie quiet and resting tonight!!

    Excellent choise in music.

    Victoria, bellingham, WA

  8. I love your puppy flicks! Sorry to hear that she is in surgery. I am sure that she will be treated like a queen for the next few days (as if she is ever treated any differently).

  9. Thanks to all for your well wishes. Callie's doing great, although we can tell she's a little sore. She didn't want to go for her walk this morning, but she ate a huge breakfast.

    Now she's napping waiting for the pain pills to kick in.

    She's an old hand at surgery now, this being her second in as many months. The vet said she should have installed a zipper...


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