Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kitchen Collection [41]

Nice rack ! Cooling rack, that is. If you bake, you probably have several of these around the house. They're indispensable for keeping hot pies off the counter surface so they can cool.

Most of mine are rectangular, but I found this round one at some point and it is the most sturdy rack I have. So rack 'em up and bake a pie. 'Tis the season.


  1. What a cool picture! The rack is interesting by itself, but the way you've placed it over the tile is really wonderful.

  2. I'm with susan! What a clever positioning of the rack. Great pic!

  3. Come pie with me! My family is sadly lacking in homemade desserts...

  4. susan & claude, I put it down on the deck tiles because the light was better outside than inside the day I took the photo. You might notice that this is where the lizard was a few posts back...

    betty, pies are easy ! Once you get into the swing of it you can make two or three a week ! Of course, you'll have to quit working and let the housework go...


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