Sunday, September 02, 2007

I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Ok

A lumberjack's work is never done. The main woodpile is all cut and stacked, but there's still the kindling to do. There's much less of it, and it's much softer wood, so it'll go pretty fast.

I calculated that I've cut and stacked one and a third cords. That's 172 cubic feet. In French units, it's just under five stères. Un stère is equal to one cubic meter and it's the standard measurement for firewood in France.

So, here's my red lumberjack shirt :

And here's my log pile. And that's Callie, my best girlie, by my side.

That stack is four rows deep, 1.3 meters. The first row is shorter than the other three, which are each about five feet high.

I cut down trees, I skip and jump, I like to press wild flowers. On Wednesdays I go shopping, and bring home Eiffel Towers.

Thanks to Ginny for the inspiration (and the Monty Python bunch, of course). Here's a link to the real Lumberjack Song.


  1. Wow! Quite impressive! Just seeing Callie by the pile gives a good idea of the size. Otherwise, I wouldn't know! We city people have lost all sense of what a stère is! Sounds like a lot, but in fact to me, it doesn't represent anything. I find this quite interesting in fact...

  2. I truly loved the lumberjack song. Good old Monty Python. Now if only Callie could do a little more to help with the wood. I am watching the US Open day and night. A few surprises. I do think all that play on Nadal's part was bad for his knees. I'm not at all sure he'll make it to the finals. Knees are bad. Cheers.

  3. claude, I know what you mean. I'm learning all this stuff, too !

    gabby, I'm watching some of the open. Our satellite package only carries the women's matches, and they're on live overnight. The men are on a more expensive channel that we don't get - except they do show the first match of the day live around 5pm, but it cuts off at 8:45 and is thereafter only available to subscribers.

  4. I'm glad I inspired you. Love the shirt! That woodpile is amazing. Do you think you'll use all of it?

    Great work. I was hooked on watching the Open all weekend. I didn't go to the Strawberry Music festival for the first time in eons and consequently got to watch a lot of tennis.

  5. I don't think we'll use it all this year. How much we use will depend on the weather, of course.


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