Monday, September 24, 2007

Where's David Attenborough...

...when you need him ?

I don't know what kind of spider this is, but she/he built a web outside the kitchen window. It didn't last more than a day. I kept looking out the window seeing this dark thing hanging there and when I got up close to see what it was, this is what I saw.

This colorful arachnid took up residence outside the kitchen window over the weekend.

Can you see the little bug freshly trapped on the lower left ? It hit the web just as I was looking. The spider moved a little, but stayed in the middle of the web. Maybe the little fly was too small to be bothered with.

Hunting season opened in our area on Sunday. The regular guys with their guns and dogs showed up promptly at nine a.m. to prowl around in the vineyard shooting at things. This will go on every Sunday until the end of February. They always take a break at noon for lunch, then come back around two. Who knows how many glasses of wine they've had when they get back... we've heard stories.


  1. Another great photo! Hunting season eh? At last something doesn't make me envious. Gunshots don't appeal to me. Do take too many walks in the vineyard you might get a stray bullet or something!

  2. Beautiful spider!
    Hunting season is in full swing here, too. One of our neighbors brought home a huge, dead sanglier the other Sunday. Poor thing....

    (of course I don't complain when they offer me part of a leg to roast)

  3. What you have (beautifully photographed) is a Garden spider
    aka araneus diademataus. There's a cousin her who has spun the web across my geranium in a pot.


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