Saturday, September 08, 2007

Backyard Flora And Fauna

Les capucines (nasturtiums) have been loving the cool wet weather.

I've been taking a lot of photos out in the vineyard lately, but there's plenty to see in our own back yard. This week we've had a few nice days with sun, so I ventured out back to see what I could find.

Even the slugs like mushrooms, and it's been wet and cool enough for both to thrive in our yard all summer long. I don't know if this mushroom is good for human consumption, but some of the ones that grow in our yard are. We're not courageous enough to try them, though.

I think that this snail was napping on the leaf of a mille-pertuis plant. He didn't seem to be moving at all. Maybe they're nocturnal.

The dahlias are still blooming. We've moved many of them around, so they should be in better shape next year provided they make it through the winter. We will be sure to mulch them this fall to protect them from the cold.


  1. A colourful backyard you have! Gorgeous photos!

  2. ah, a capucine is a nasturtium! i had a student named Capucine and she told me it was a flower, but i never knew which one. Capucine makes a much better name, although definately unique, than Nasturtium. thanks for the info. i always learn something when i come to your blog!


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