Saturday, September 01, 2007


After we left Sault, we drove north a bit to a small town called Montbrun-les-Bains. It's an old Roman settlement, then the site of a medieval castle, and now a station thermale, or spa town.

The scenery between Sault and Montbrun.

There are fewer than 500 permanent residents in Montbrun. We only stayed long enough to snap a few photos and then we were off again, trying to get back to our rented house in the Luberon before nightfall.

The castle at Montbrun and the town below.

Just a reminder : this is an installment in a continuing series about our 1993 trip to Provence. These pictures are fourteen years old, scanned from slides I took at the time.


  1. Dear Walt, When I left a comment on Ken's site yesterday I should have made it clear I was writing about BOTH your blogs! I am sorry about that as they are equally enjoyable and entertaining and I tend to think of them as being the same blog but written by you both(if you know what I mean!)Many thanks, Angela

  2. Thanks, Angela. We both appreciate the kind remarks. :)


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