Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitchen Collection [40]

Can you believe it ? It's the fortieth edition of Kitchen Collection. Ho hum.

At any rate, there are still many things in our kitchen to photograph. The latest are these : kitchen scissors. We have several pairs. Some are made for poultry, and others are just scissors that we keep in the kitchen to cut herbs or to trim strings or to open plastic packaging or for whatever job needs to be done.

Every now and then a pair falls apart so we have to find some new ones - it seems we need at least two pair handy at all times. The pair pictured here we've had for a long time, so its day may be approaching.


  1. Just read the news about your Cartes de Séjour! Yippee it is. You guys will soon be two of us ;)

  2. Happy 40th KC, and congratulations on the Cartes!

    Do you have a database to keep track of which items you've featured? :-)

  3. I bought these shears at a little shop in Morehead City, NC, many years ago. They are the best ones we've ever had.

  4. I don't have a database, but I do have all the photos in one place. I was thinking I'd do montage one of these days...

  5. on flickr I tag my photos, for example the ones I've put on Blogging in Paris, I tag blogginginparis, or picoftheweek.
    This way, I know exactly if I have used a photo or not. But I need this because I'm not organised. I wish I were not as lazy as I am. Then, I'd have organised folders too...


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