Thursday, July 17, 2008


Surfinia is a common variety of petunia around these parts. It's a fast grower and cascades out of its pot. This is the second year we've planted them in the window box outside the kitchen.


The first batch were very dark purple, almost midnight blue in color, like the center part of the flower pictured above. This year we put in a mix: bright purple and white.

The kitchen window box.

There's another window box in the attic window just above this one, but it sits empty. Getting up to the attic to tend to a flower box is just not practical, especially since we took the attic ladder down. Weeds do tend to grow out of that box in the spring, but they dry up pretty quickly without water.


  1. what about putting some cacti into it or some kind of plants that don't need a lot of water? to be honest though I know bugger all about gardening...

  2. It does cascade very gracefully. That's when I miss a balcony and window boxes.

    Hurrah! for the new stove. Hope it's right this time. Happy cooking!

  3. letigre, that's a good idea. I'm afraid, though, that our window is so high (2eme étage) that they wouldn't be visible.

    claudia, this is the first house I've had with window boxes!


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