Thursday, January 22, 2009


I made a pâte feuilletée (flaky pastry) yesterday, just on a whim. I made enough to do more than one thing with it. So, the first thing was a traditional galette des rois. And here it is.

There is a fève inside! And frangipane, of course.

I saved half the dough for something else. Maybe a tourte, mabye something else. I'll let you know.


  1. Looks fabulous!

    Did you hear that Obama re-took his oath of office yesterday in the White House map room? They're saying it was just out of an "abundance of caution", even though "they" also say he was officially president at the stroke of noon on the 20th even if he hadn't taken any oath.


  2. Do you feel like opening up a bakery near Chinon? I haven't seen anything as good as that galette in this 'hood!

  3. Banner photo and pastry both look tasty.

    I second the request for a bakery in our neighborhood. I'd settle for FedEx delivery.

  4. A few days ago I went to the bakery in Saint-Aignan where we used to buy Galettes des Rois for something like 4, 5, or maybe 6 euros. We were shocked when our village baker charged 10 euros for the same thing this year. Well, at the Saint-Aignan bakery, a 4-person-size frangipane Galette was on sale for 19.80€ — that's $25.00! Talk about inflation. And I'm sure it was nowhere near as good as the one W. made...

  5. That picture is close to pastry porn. Nice job, Walt!

  6. Pastry porn, that's it and tough to look at for a person who's on a diet.

    Judy, did you know Obama voted against Roberts for the Supreme Court nomination?

    Obama knew the Chief Justice messed up, but was still gracious to the guy. I hope this country will listen to this President who is so damn smart. And kind as well. So far he shows the markings of a Stateman and we don't have many of them around anymore...

  7. Ça alors!!!!!!
    Deux belles photos - le Château et la Galette - Merci

    Walt , looks like you can open un petit bistrot. Ken the Chef and Walt the Pastry Chef :-)

    WV; nospain !!!!!

  8. Mmmm Flaky. That is porn. It arouses my tastebuds, and I want to be very oral. Nice!

  9. Evelyn, yes, I had heard that (about Obama having voted against Roberts). I'm glad they've been explaining that Roberts was the source of the gaffe, but it is really inexcusable. It was an odd moment.

    Pastry Porn! Great one!


  10. The new banner looks real pretty.

  11. judy, yes, and I had a good chuckle. I don't really know if the oath is required, either. More research to do.

    amy, thanks, but I don't know if I'm up to making 30 of those a day, along with baguettes, pains, boules, ficelles, croissants, and the rest!

    carolyn, thanks! Don't know if it would survive FedEx!

    tom, only close? ;)

    evelyn, merci! It was an interesting little event that will soon be forgotten.

    beaver, thanks. And as for the WV, today's post is about Spain...

    mark, too bad you couldn't taste it!

    evol, many thanks!


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