Sunday, January 18, 2009

Photo Du Jour : Sunset

I never get tired of seeing this from the bedroom window:

The sunsets we get in January are really cool. Other times of the year, too, but there's something wonderful about January sunsets.

Good thing, too, because January gives me cabin fever. I do get out once a day with the dog, but every time I look out the window I'm reminded of how much there is to do in the yard. And I'm not out there because it's too cold or too wet. I suppose I could be brave and get out there anyway, but if it's a choice between tennis on t.v. and cold or muddy yard work, well.

And then there's lunch to make and eat.

So I will continue to wait for the perfect combination of timing, motivation, and weather. And I will continue to complain about it, no doubt.


  1. That is an awesome sunset. Every year, we vacation in Maine at a house where the sunsets are spectacular. No wonder so many people are religious. I suspect an amazing sunset will do that.

  2. Oh my HEAVENS! I can't believe you actually see that view in person!

    We don't seem to have views like that :)... but, we ARE going to see some Bald Eagles this morning. We're heading over to "the River Road", where the Mississippi and Illinois rivers meet. There are bluffs on one side, and the river is on the other. The eagles come down from the far north at this time of year, and nest down here. We should end up seeing 5-10.

    Inauguration soon approaching....

  3. The shadows, the light, the movement--what an exquisite picture. I'm glad you and Ken get to see such sights!

  4. Hey, was there any way for you guys to catch the HBO showing (which just ended, 3:30 US Central time) of the Pre-Inauguration concert? It was very inspiring. There were songs and spoken tributes and historic readings from tons of famous folks, including U2, Sheryl Crow, Bruce Springsteen, Pete Seeger, Beyoncé, Tom Hanks, Stevie Wonder, Martin Luther King III, and others. They also had a big Bald Eagle (Obama's littlest daughter seemed deLIGHTED at meeting the eagle:)). I wonder if they'll be re-showing it on the Web? HBO opened up the channel to all viewers to show the concert.

    This is pretty damn exciting, I'll tell you that!


  5. If you're watching the first day of the Australian Open on TV today, instead of working in the yard, look for me in the crowd. One of my clients is taking me; Free corporate food and drink, woot!

  6. mark, too bad they just can't appreciate nature's beauty with ascribing magical intent to it.

    judy, seeing them in the wild would be awesome!

    ginny, so are we!

    judy, no, didn't see that, yet. We may see snippets of coverage, but we'll probably get the entire swearing in ceremony on Tuesday.

    evol, I'll be watching, you lucky b*****d.

  7. Gorgeous golden color! What a view.

  8. Amazing, Walt, thank you!!



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