Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just A Quickie

Before it melts or gets otherwise less pristine, I thought I'd snap some photos of the snow this morning. I haven't left the house, however, so I just have this one from the bedroom window.

Un petit rouge-gorge.

Ken walked Callie this morning, and I'm sure he'll have some pics up before long. It's my turn this afternoon. I'll see if I feel like taking the camera and, if so, I might get some pictures of what the snow looks like later today.

This is a rouge-gorge (erithacus rubecula). The name means red-breast in French, for obvious reasons, but it's not the same species as the American robin red-breast.

I guess it's time to re-fill the feeder...


  1. Aaahhh, that's a great photo. It's exciting to see birds that we don't get around here. Do they have Cardinals in France?

    We have had a little ice storm... but, it's enough to close all the schools, because the roads are sheets of ice. There are accidents everywhere, and whole sections of the highways are closed. Yipppee! It would have been our first day back with students.

    Maybe I can get "bread lady" to bring me a galette! :))


  2. How cute, love the photo!

    Well you learn something new everyday...I thought a "Robin" was a "Robin"!!!!

    If you look on Wikipedia, I found there are Australian Robins as well!!

  3. I was just reading about Europe's snowfall today in the newspaper. Amazing the pics! Stay warm and safe.

  4. Love the photo!

    My verification word: coins...
    as in, I'll take some!

  5. judy, the only cardinals in France wear robes and funny hats. Congrats on getting a day off!

    anne, I didn't know about Aussie robins!

    lewis, we're doing our best! You've been an inspiration...

    cheryl, I'd give you my coins, but I need them for the bread lady...


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