Monday, January 12, 2009

Sno Pix #5

In winter, the vineyard can be almost as beautiful as in summer. Except that there are no grapes in winter, but even vines need to rest, I suppose.

Snow between the rows of yet-to-be-pruned vines.

The pruning has begun, but only sporadically in these vineyards behind our house. I presume the pace will pick up a bit as we move deeper into January. They should be all done by March sometime, before the new growth begins.

These young vines are about three years old now.

I think it's so cool to live next to a vineyard. I love the rhythm of the whole growing/harvesting/pruning process, and getting to know the growers (who are also the winemakers). I think grape growing is a noble use for land, as is local (not mega) agriculture in general.

An old vine splayed against a stone wall.

Our daily vineyard walks with the dog are never a chore, even in bad weather. Ok, some days are more pleasant than others. Like in summer when I can wear shorts and a t-shirt. But even in the rain or, like this past week, in the snow, there's always something to see.

It's quite a change from our former urban life.


  1. That old vine is obviously not expected to produce anything – the wall behind it is not blue :-)

  2. Living in Waco and practicing law thoughout Texas, I drive through the country regularly. It is so nice to be out on the road on a sunny day driving up, down, and around hills while cross rivers and streams and through the woods. I make my fair share of drives into Houston, Dallas, and Austin, but I love my days driving though the country.

    My son went to school in shorts today. It was 43, after dropping into the 20s last night. I did eat lunch outside yesterday in jeans, but barefoot. That will not happen again this week.

  3. Great shots, especially the old vine against the wall. Love it.

    It is so warm here. I was working on pruning our fruit trees yesterday, and I started in a sweat shirt. In no time I was working in a t-shirt, and I got warm. It must have been 70. My arms got scratched up from not having long sleeves! Today is more of the same.

    Sometimes this global warming thing ain't so bad.

  4. susan, it's one of several that decorate the storage building out in the vineyard. They do prune it every year, but the grapes don't get picked, except by hikers. And there are parts of the wall that are blue...

    dan, a barefoot lunch outside sounds heavenly right about now.

    ginny, thanks! I've got to get out and prune roses and grapes. Any day now. Yup. That's right.

  5. Is it a proper cabane de vignes? Should I come up and photograph it and geo-ref it for my current 'cabanes de vignes project'?

  6. Great shots, Walt!! It was really nice to see snow covering things... and today.... it was all GONE! Nice to see it gone, too! ; ) It's about 20 degrees warmer, too!

  7. i do love your tales of how the vines are cared for, and your pix of them in every weather. thanks so much.

  8. susan, yes, I think it is, but it's not particularly picturesque. Come see it this summer!

    leesa, I agree, it was nice, but I'm glad it's gone.

    pj, thanks for all the comments. And fingerless gloves! I never thought of that!


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