Friday, January 09, 2009

Sno Pix #2

Just to remind you, these photos are from Tuesday's minor snow event. We only got just over two inches, but it's a pretty rare event for us, so we busily documented it.

Our little corner of frozen paradise.

This is the back of our house taken from the point where our little road ends and becomes a tractor path into the vineyard. At some point just before I went out (around 3:30pm), an actual tractor came through to plow the road and sand it.

Our little hamlet on the heights above the river.

I took this shot of our house from further out in the vineyard. You can see across the Cher River valley to the other side. Our little hamlet is just a group of eight houses at top of the hill before the vineyards start. Three of them are summer homes, empty this time of year.

The road outside our front gate.

Since the road didn't get plowed until well after noon, we could look out the kitchen window and see any and all tracks in the snow that covered it. Our neighbor, the mayor, made the only tire tracks for hours when she left for town hall early in the morning. It wasn't until noon, when the bread lady ventured up the hill, that a second set of tracks was laid down.

Still, there were plenty of rabbit and deer prints, not to mention a few human and dog prints, too.


  1. No wild boar? Or are you just toooo civilised?

  2. I think snow photos are gorgeous, so keep 'em coming! Stay warm.

  3. Why do I feel so good inside, so warm and cozy and happy, when I see the serenity and peacefulness of your little piece of heaven coming through in your pics. Lovely. Just lovely.

  4. Beautiful photos, Walt! Thanks.


    My word verification is creuski. Sounds like something you eat with sauerkraut. Enjoy lunch!

  5. susan, I think we're too civilized.

    ginny, not to worry!

    lewis, thanks!

    bettyann, we didn't find any creuski this time. We'll look next time. ;)


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