Thursday, January 29, 2009

Time For A Haircut

I think so. My last haircut was in mid-November.


  1. You scruff.

    Mind you - I can talk - my last haircut was here, and it was cut longer than yous to start with! We can lend you our neighbour next time you visit if you like...

  2. I dunno...maybe it's kind of romantic! I can picture you with the wind blowing your hair off your forehead while standing in a field of flowers with the sun glowing off your cheeks (face that is). But if this scenario doesn't arise much you might get a cut and a fluff in the next few weeks. ;-)

  3. Well duh! Mid November? How do you expect us hair stylists to make a decent living?
    Just kidding. But it does look a bit long on top!

  4. better when it's cold to have it long, no?

  5. Let's just say, then, that you aren't supporting any hair cutters financially. But you are looking good, clearly. Love the scruff.

  6. Looks shaggy as hell. Did you ever consider of shaving it all off? A clean slate, so to speak.
    Mais ce n'est pas moi qui paierai l'ardoise!

  7. I have problems with Firefox and Safari. Firefox downloads the entirety of the pictures, but hides the verification word so I can't use it for comments.
    On the other hand, Safari downloads only part of the pictures if at all. But I can see the verification word. This time didn't record my name, so my nasty comment was only under Anonymous.
    I'm going to throw the laptop out of the window!

  8. Aren't the French meant to look little bohemian? :)

  9. andy, what, and lose the stylin' stubble?

    simon, I'm not worthy...

    susan, in this weather, my hair might freeze before the wind can catch it.

    wayne, I won't tell you how little it costs to get my hair cut here.

    melinda, that's what I was thinking.

    lewis, that's fer sure!

    chm, no slates for me.

    evol, only the lawyers.


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