Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Ok, so I couldn't resist one last sno pic. But technically, it's a Periodic Puppy Pic, so I didn't fib yesterday.

Callie on the snow road.

As you've read on Ken's blog, Callie really loved the snow. And we liked that, because walking her in the snow, when the temperature is below freezing, means that her fur doesn't get wet and muddy and she doesn't need a bath when she gets home.

Actually, she doesn't get a real bath. She goes into the shower in the utility room and gets an "undercarriage wash." Paws, legs, tail, and belly. Then a towel dry. She's the only dog I know that gets a daily spa treatment.

It really is a dog's life.


  1. So she is used to it then. Lucky dog :-)

  2. Well, we know who's top dog in the WCS household!

  3. My dog loved snow. I miss my dog and I miss snow. It hasn't snowed here in ages. Nice shot!

  4. beaver, oh yes. No problems there.

    evol, as a dog owner, you know the drill.

    mark, thanks! We miss our first dog, too, but Callie is great. Do you have plans for another?


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