Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sno Pix #6

This will be the last of the sno pix series for now. It seems so long ago that we had the snow (only a week ago) and now that it's mostly gone, all that remains are our photos!

The vineyard posts were all capped with snow last week.

We may have more snow before winter's over, but it's not likely to be significant. Of course, mother nature might surprise us at any time.

An intersection of paved roads out where our dirt road ends. I can assure you that nobody was going 70 kph this day.

I can tell that the days are getting longer already. It's not dark quite so early any more. And it will only get better. I can even see the tips of daffodil shoots poking up through the ground. Spring is just around the corner, even if we are still halfway up the block.

A bundle of wire in the vineyard.


  1. Hi Walt,
    I've been enjoying the winter pictures that you and Ken have been posting. We had snow here in Aberdeen earlier this winter, but none since and the temps are definitely up. I also have to laugh at your mention of the days getting longer. The almost imperceptable changes always give me hope that the lovely long days of spring and summer are almost upon us. Not to mention the first crocus and then the daffodils.

  2. Ahhhh, snows adds a touch of magic to absolutely everything, doesn't it?

    PS You guys look so cute in your sidebar photo! Awwww :)

  3. keir, thanks! Yes, I know the changes are nearly imperceptible, but I take what I can get!

    evol, the snow is very pretty. At first. It gets old mighty fast. ;)


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