Saturday, January 17, 2009

Nu Shooz

I couldn't wait. My old hiking boots not only developed holes in the uppers making for soggy socks, but the rubber sole on one of them cracked wide open. That's not a good thing when you're trodding through the vineyard in slush and mud.

New on the left, old on the right.

So we drove up to Blois the other day to check out two sporting goods stores. The first, a Décathlon, was picked pretty clean. This is one of two annual sale times in France and a lot of merchandise is marked down. The sale started over a week ago.

The second store, Go Sport, wasn't much better, but we both found something we liked, that fit, and that was marked down by a good amount. So I say good-bye to a comfy old pair of boots that have served me well for close to ten years. Now I'm in the break-in period with the new pair. I already have a band-aid on my right heel.

We also stopped at two other stores along the way, one of which was the Paris Store where we buy Asian food products. Lots of beans, grains, noodles, and frozen raw shrimp. And we got home in time for lunch. It was a productive trip.


  1. trodding - tread/plodding? I like it!

    The word verification is noplurl, and I guess that's right

  2. Nice shoes, Walt!

    I think crepes have a long season, don't they? I love the ones with chocolate and bananas. The Maisonnette resto in Cincinnati used to make the best fruit de la mer crepes in the world. Champagne was in the sauce, also cream, lobster, etc.

  3. Just noticed the picture of you and Ken on the side was the one I took last June with the S&S family!

  4. So, exactly how weird will you think I am if I tell you that I think there is something horribly intriguing about old shoes, or single shoes, or shoes left by the side of the road, etc etc. The stories they could tell...the journeys around the earth they have taken. Go ahead, call me weird.

  5. Do your shoes have crepe soles? Or do you stuff crepes with soles? Save our soles!

  6. simon, I couldn't figure out the right word, so I made one up. Much less thought went into it than you inferred.

    evelyn, we're using jelly, jam, and leftover chestnut cream, and Ken had one with ham and egg last night.

    chm, good eye, that's right! And now you have me craving sole. Filet de semelle...

    lewis, that sounds... weird. ;)


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