Friday, January 16, 2009

More Meatballs

I made a second batch of Finnish/Swedish meatballs a few days ago. I made them a bit smaller than the first batch. We ended up with just under seventy meatballs. Of course, we didn't eat them all in one sitting.

Raw meatballs, pork and beef.

This time we simmered them a smokey broth that came from blanching a piece of smoked pork mixed with the leftover simmering liquid from the first batch. That was mostly chicken stock, if I remember.

All the meatballs, dredged in flour, ready to be browned.

Then Ken made a darker gravy that we served along side. We also made up a batch of "dirty rice" which is rice cooked with stock instead of water. It was all very tasty.

The cooked meatballs in their broth.


  1. I believe the correct term for Finnish/Swedish meatballs would be Fennoscandinavian meatballs.

  2. Can you put some of those in the Post for me?

  3. Walt

    can't miss that Rosé? :-)

  4. jolly good fun - and good looking too.

  5. susan, my apologies to the Finnish/Swedish types out there. Er, Fennoscandinavian....

    evol, they might come to you a bit flattened...

    beaver, I never miss a rosé.

    ur-spo, thanks! It's like making mud-pies, only tastier.


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