Friday, January 23, 2009

Spain Series #1

I've never been to Oklahoma. But I have been to Spain. Once. Five years ago, our friend Sue spent a few months in Madrid. In February 2004 Ken and I drove down from central France to visit her for a few days. I thought I'd post a few photos from that trip.

We stayed at the Madrid Novotel because, it being a French hotel chain, we knew they would take dogs. We had Collette (our first dog) with us. They made us feel welcome and comfortable.

On the way, we drove through an incredible snowstorm. At one point, in the mountains between France and Spain, we thought we might have to turn around and go back. The freeway was blocked. We were experiencing white-out conditions. But we persevered and got through to the other side and made it down to Madrid. We got there very late, close to midnight, but we got there.

So the next few posts will contain some of the pictures I took on that trip. This one is from Segovia, where we spent a very cold February afternoon.


  1. Ok, I lied. Ken reminds me that I have been to Oklahoma.

    In 2003, on our way to France, we drove from California to North Carolina. We spent a few hours stuck in a traffic jam on the Will Rogers Turnpike between Tulsa and Joplin, Mo.

    I tried to put it out of my mind.

  2. I love Segovia! Its one of the most charming places in Spain. Good place for suckling pig.

  3. Segovia, a great place for paseo on a summer night. Everyone's out!

  4. I also went to Spain once. I went to Madrid, Barcelona and Stiges (during carnival) years ago. I want to take Shane back to Barcelona. I found it very romantic, but I was essentially alone at the time. There is nothing worse than being in a romantic place without a special person.

  5. rachael, we were lucky that Sue new where to go, we didn't have a clue.

    chris, unfortunately, we were there in February.

    mark, Barcelona always looks interesting when I see it on tv.

  6. i'm interested in the walk to compostela and it goes over those mountain passes (i do believe walter benjamin died on his way out of france in ww2 there too??) anyway it's a wild place and i'm glad you got through.
    spain is a kick, isn't it???


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