Friday, May 29, 2009

Adaptive Re-Use

This is not exactly how the phrase was used back in my urban planning days, but it's the same concept. These wooden posts were formerly used to support the wires that hold up grape-laden vines out in the vineyard. As the posts rot over time, they're pulled out and replaced.

Old posts as bridges.

Often the old posts go home with the growers and end up (I presume) in the fireplace. But this year I noticed that they're being used as little bridges to help the tractors cross the drainage ditches alongside the road.

Pretty cool, huh? Well, I thought so.


  1. Oh, is that what those old posts are doing in the ditch. I was thinking that putting them there kind of defeated the purpose of the ditch. But what you say makes sense.

    My Word Verification string is "chuck". As in "Chuck the wood in the ditch" I guess.

  2. A great example of "système D"!

    Still enjoying Roland Garros?

  3. I was going to mention how cool old, gnarled logs can look, but instead I'm going to point out that it cracks me up how you and Ken communicate via blog comments sometimes!

  4. Hey, at my advanced age, I was afraid I would forget to mention this to W. later in the day. He was out on the walk with Callie when I read his post and commented.

  5. thats a great ideal to recycle....Barb

  6. isabelle, you bet!

    evol, we don't talk otherwise.

    barb, and later, they'll go into someone's fireplace.

    urspo, without stones.


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