Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another Walk In The Vineyard

Are you ready for some more boring botanical blogging? Or some silly alliteration? I sure hope so. Many people blog what they do and see in their exciting and always-on-the-move urban environments. Our sleepy hamlet and woods and vineyards are much less dynamic, but I enjoy the calm.

I like the subtle blue tint of this tiny flower.

Spring is just beginning its subtle shift into summer. I wish that the weather reflected that, but so far it's only the plants that are moving on. Early bloomers are gone while the late bloomers continue to work their magic on the bees and other pollinating insects. And the summer flowers are starting to show up, however slowly.

This flower reminds me of rock rose, but the foliage doesn't.

The next few posts will contain images from a recent walk with Callie on a mostly cloudy afternoon. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, I'm not certain what any of the plants/flowers are. I welcome identifications from those of you who recognize them!


  1. I saw your comment on Ur-Spo's blog and followed you here. Then I went to Ken's Blog and have subscribed to both your blogs using Google Reader. I love your pictures and your dog and as I said on Ken's it sort of looks like heaven on earth. Great Blog.

  2. Your white flower is a lily called Drooping Star-of-Bethlehem Ornithogalum nutans or Ornithogale penché in French. It is closely related to the plant known as asperges sauvages (unrelated to true wild asparagus, but considered a delicacy and eaten the same way). The rose is Dog Rose Rosa canina or l'églantier commun in French.

  3. jay, thanks so much for coming by!

    susan, I was counting on you! I've heard of both of those flowers but never really knew what they looked like. Now I do! Merci. :)


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