Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today's The Day!

The French Open tennis tournament at Roland-Garros begins today! I'm not going up to Paris this year, so it probably won't rain like it has the last two times I had tickets. But not to worry. There is so much wall-to-wall tv coverage of the tournament that I'm not going miss anything.

The cover of this week's tv magazine. And, no matter what else is happening, there's always room to mention Johnny (Hallyday).

Three of the national tv channels take turns during the day covering matches. Then there's the Eurosport channel which does a lot of coverage, too. Between France Télévisions and Eurosport, there's some choice as to which matches to watch, at least in the early rounds.

So now I've got my draw sheet printed out and I'm ready to watch. Game, set, match!


  1. So who are your favorite players?

  2. So, do you play tennis? Or did you play tennis?

    We went to Busch Stadium Friday night (St. Louis' baseball stadium, home of the Cardinals) -- Elliot surprised me with free tickets that his daughter couldn't use. We got a new stadium about 3 or 4 years ago, and ticket prices went up like crazy, so we haven't gone as frequently. These were bleacher seats, which is also not what we usually do... but it was pretty cool out there with the bleacher folks! Even though you're out in the outfield, you're pretty close to the field. The guy next to me was a diehard fan -- he was keeping score and had a comment about EVERY single move EVERY player made :)) It added color :) The new stadium is the "new old fashioned" style -- red brick, very open, modeled after Fenway and Candlestick and the like. It's a cool atmosphere down there. We had fun!


  3. I watched Hewitt v Karlovic last night (our time) and whilst it was fun seeing Hewitt win from two sets down from a parochial point of view this rallyless match was a real bore.

    Bah humbug those huge serving rallyless players.

  4. isabelle, oh, there are so many! I like Federer, for sure. Many of my faves are the older (and retired) players these days. Kiefer, Santoro, Safin on the men's side. The women's game has gotten a bit boring of late, since many of the biggies stopped playing, but it'll develop back up soon enough.

    judy, I used to dabble in tennis but was never a steady (or very good) player. I prefer to watch. :)

    victor, I agree with you 100%. These old-style players that rely on power serves/shots are boring. And when their power serve is actually returned, they can't rally worth a damn and frequently loose. Roddick comes to mind.

  5. And that's one reason clay is so interesting. The power game doesn't work so well on the slower surface. Strategy & placement!


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