Sunday, May 03, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

It was two years ago today that we brought Mademoiselle Callie home from the breeder's. I forgot what a cute little thing she was. To wit:

Callie's first day home, ten weeks old, 3 May 2007.

Now she's all grown up. Thank goodness, because I thought I was going to have to kill her during that first year of puppyhood. And our dining room chairs are adorned with lovely teeth marks to remind us should we ever go mad enough to think another puppy would be nice.

Callie two years later.

Also during her first year, Callie managed to chew up and destroy every dog toy that we bought for Collette more than fifteen years ago. Collette never got interested in dog toys. Callie can't get enough of them. Thankfully, she has learned what is a toy and what isn't. And she rarely wraps her jaws around the dining room furniture any more.

Maybe it was all that screaming I did.


  1. Aw, that first pic is adorable! And she sure grew up to be a beautiful dog!

  2. this is not good reading for me on the eve of getting a puppy!

  3. Oh my she was such a cute puppy... And definitely grew up to a beautiful girl... I still need to meet her one of these days (and maybe you guys too, hehe)

  4. Puppies, kittens, babies in general... it's a durn good thing they're so cute, else they'd never survive! Taking care of and raising them keeps one humble, that's for sure.

    It was sweet to see Callie's puppy photo again. Thanks. I'm glad you all survived.

  5. Such a cutie pie from beginning until now!! I think she's just sooo adorable!! Happy 2 year Dog b-day Callie... (Is that 14 in human years?!)

    Take care, Leese

  6. It's easy to see why you fell in love with her!

  7. ksam, I had some trouble choosing. We only have about 15,000 adorable first day pics!

    urspo, buck up. It's hell, but it's temporary. And when they lick your face you forget all about it.

    justin, she loves to meet new people, and lick their faces.

    ginny, I've a feeling that this'll be the last one for us. I'm getting too old to go through that again!

    leesa, Callie thanks you! And yes, I think it's about 14 on the human scale. Yikes - a teenager!

    lewis, she is cute!

  8. She certainly is a cutie.

  9. She is one sweet lady.I am sure you are happy you have her in your life!

  10. aaaahhhh beautiful Callie. I know all about a Border Collies first year. We rescued little Casey McLaren....quite the challenge. But what a reward he's been.

    Victoria, Bellingham,WA


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