Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clouds. Lotsa Dem.

White an' puffy. Ya know, clouds.

I don't know if anyone will remember, but in an episode of that American t.v. comedy from the late 1970s called "Taxi," Danny DeVito's character, Louie De Palma, tries to recite a poem to Elaine. He stands in the garage and waves his hands above his head while reciting those lines, obviously making it up as he goes. It still makes me laugh.

At least these clouds didn't rain on us.

But these clouds don't make me laugh. Quite the opposite right now. We've seen way too many of them this past week, and they've rained all over us. We've had more than a month's worth of rain in ten days, and everything is soggy.

If it dries out for a while, we'll be ok. But more rain and damp will just start making our garden plants rot in the ground, and we don't want that. Especially after all the work we've done to get the garden in this year.

Clouds, by Louie De Palma (Taxi)

Cascading. Cascading.
Cascading water. A waterfall.
Clouds. Lots of them. White and puffy.
You know, clouds.
And flowers, covered with dew.
And trees hanging over.
And you and me, naked on a rock.


  1. A four-day weekend. If only. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  2. As a matter of fact, l'Ascension always falls on a Thursday since it is forty days after Easter which always falls on a Sunday. The date may change but not the day.

  3. please send these clouds here. I am sick of sunshine.

  4. i think that's a grand poem! louie had a way with words didn't he?!

  5. jean, it'll come soon enough!

    chm, thanks, I made the correction.

    urspo, you order has been placed.

    tansy, it cracks me up every time!

  6. I ADORED Taxi and Louie de Palma is BRILLIANT..thanks for the memories and!
    PS I am always so envious at you living in my favourite country...

  7. merrimerri, thanks for coming by! I'm glad you enjoyed my blast from the past!


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