Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pink Roses

Just thought I'd share a picture of some of our roses. These were already here when we bought the house back in 2003 and they're still going strong. There are at least four of the same rose in different locations around the house.

A close-up, kind of blurry.

Every winter I trim them down, so all the growth you see is this year's. I'm not sure I know how to prune them correctly, so I just do what I do. It doesn't seem to matter since they flower every year just fine. And if I'm good about dead-heading them, we get about three blooms a year right on into December (if it doesn't get too cold).

Rose bush with chair.

We have some red roses, too, but they're not in a good place and haven't looked very good for a few years. I think we'll try to relocate them one of these days. In between all of the other chores we have on the list. There is always too much yard work to do!

This one's a little darker than the others.


  1. Very pretty! Spouse loves those pink roses.

  2. I've just noticed ours blooming in the last two weeks.....and our Rose Festival has started!

  3. Do you mean the wingnuts? I read the first fifty pages of the decision. Very interesting question of semantics. Much ado about nothing, in my opinion. I wonder if there will be the same BS about divorce as it is an integral part of "marriage."

  4. Your roses are lovely, Walt. Timely for Lewis and me since we are heading out West tomorrow and will be in Portland next Tuesday (thanks for the link, A Lewis;-)

    CH, the wingnuts (my brother uses that term also) won this time, but never fear they won't win in the end. It's a new day in America and we're just at dawn right now.

    I watched a little of the Williams girls doubles match yesterday. They were struggling, but I suppose they won. They are a tough team to beat.

  5. I used to grow roses; a large bed of them.
    Yellow roses were my favorite.

  6. mark, glad you enjoyed them!

    lewis, I've been to the Portland rose garden, but never to the festival.

    chm, actually, I was talking about Calif. being the state full of fruits and nuts...

    evelyn, I haven't see the Williams' together yet this time, but I have seen each of them play a singles match so far.

    evol, what did you expect?

    urspo, is it difficult to grow roses in Pheonix?

  7. These are lovely. They look so healthy. Mine are already suffering from the heat, black spot, and mildew.
    Love the orchids above. Can't believe they are wild. Beautiful!

  8. Lovely roses. Reminds me of the Waterhouse pre-raphaelite painting "my sweet rose" which I now call "time to smell the roses", which is something I still have too little of. It's a joy to see yours.


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