Thursday, May 07, 2009

La Pivoine

The peony. We have two stands of them in our back garden. We relocated one several years ago, and it did fine. But I found I wanted to relocated it again this year, so I did, and it'll take another year or two to get back to its former glory.

A peony flower getting ready to open.

The other stand is quite large and needs to be divided. So I'll do my internet research and figure out what the best time for doing that is. Right now, as you can see from the photo, they're starting to open up. The opened flowers are of such an intense red that they never photograph very well.

I'll have to mess around with them in Photoshop and see if I can get the color right.


  1. The detail in that photo is amazing. All those veins!

  2. Putting my hand up for a piece of peony please Walt :-)

  3. We had peonies at our previous house, but this is the second spring without peonies in the new house. My husband hates the way they don't stand up once they are heavy with blooms. I always had to fight him not to put a cage around them, which, I think ruins the look. This photo is gorgeous. I bet you can photograph one open that will thrill us all.

  4. Walt

    I followed whatever info was given on this site. I will know if I did it well last september when i divided one, once the new propagated plant takes off:


    Some of the commercial stakes available on the market do not look that bad. In the back of my yard, I use the same stakes that I have for the tomato plants- circular ones, narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. Since it is green , it more or less matches the colour of the leaves

  5. beautiful, I love peonies....Barb

  6. Peonies always make me think of opera for some reason. Maybe it's the big blousey opera singers they remind me of.

  7. evol, thanks!

    susan, sure, I'll let you know when I dig them up.

    beaver, thanks for the link!

    barb, I wish the flowers lasted longer!

    jean, that's interesting... I would never have guessed that association!


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