Saturday, May 09, 2009

Le Tamaris

Tamarisk or tamarix in English. I thought this was a desert shrub since that's the first place I ever encountered one. We saw plenty of them in the southern California deserts. So I was surprised to see them here in the Loire Valley.

Our tamarisk in flower.

Not only do we have one in our back yard, but several of our neighbors do as well. In addition to the desert and Mediterranean varieties, there is also a variety that does well in cooler, wetter climates.

In spring, the tree flowers in a very soft, subtle pink color before the thin leaves come out.

Like many of the plants in our garden, the tamarisk was not planted in the right place. The previous owner didn't seem to anticipate how big certain plants and trees would eventually get. It had grown into a good-sized tree and blocked the view of the bay laurel. Ken and I agreed to get rid of it to help open up the view. I cut it completely down (and eventually used the wood in the stove), but the next year the tree re-sprouted from the trunk.

So for now, we're keeping it, but trimmed very low. That way, we get the beauty of the flowers and also the views we enjoy.

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  1. I'd love to see a photo of what it looks like in the setting, now that it's trimmed down. I'm trying to imagine what the view is of the bay laurel, too.

    Happy Spring!



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