Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty In Purple

It looks purple to me. Maybe it's deep blue, or violet. Whatever you call this color, these guys are blooming all around the vineyards right now. But I think their flower time is nearing its end. Soon the seeds will be set and we won't see the flowers again until next spring.

These resemble bellflower, but they're on a stalk.

It's hard to believe that this is the last day of May. This spring has, so far, been a good one here in our part of France. Except for that nasty cold and rainy week we just had. But Saturday was glorious and today is expected to be very much the same. The week ahead looks pretty nice, too.

So we're back in the yard working, weeding, and otherwise whiling away the hours. Which is kind of a pain because I'm also spending time in front of the tv watching French Open tennis. Fourth round play, les huitièmes de finale, gets under way today!


  1. You're really getting the hang of this wildflower ID game! It is indeed a type of bellflower – Harebell Campanula rotundifolia (in French Campanule à feuilles rondes).

  2. Bravo, Walt!


  3. susan, oh, lucky guess! Probably because we have a bunch of campanule in our garden...

    ba, merci!


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