Monday, May 25, 2009

Am I Blue?

During our walk on Thursday we saw many little butterflies flitting from place to place. Are butterflies the only things that "flit," I wonder? Surely not. This little blue one stopped flitting long enough for me to take three images before it moved on.

Am I blue? You'd be, too, if each plan with your man done fell through.

Of course, only one of the pictures came out; the others are blurry. Another reason to take several shots in a row while you can! And I have no idea what the name of this little critter is, nor what it looks like in its caterpillar stage. But it's pretty nonetheless.


  1. Beautiful.

    In German, bats flit (Fledermaus, or "flittermouse"). And in England, humans do it: moving away leaving the rent unpaid is called a "moonlight flit".

  2. Consult Douglas, at gossamer tapestry. he can answer your questions on this one.

  3. I'm afraid that Ur-Spo is overestimating my skills here. It's a Blue. I'm not being sarcastic, it's part of a group of small blue butterflies named for their color. As to which blue it is, the identifying characteristics are all on the underside of the wings. Plus I'm much less familiar with les papillons Françaises than the ones here in the states. So I can only give a pretty generic and not terribly exciting identification. But it's a super photo.

  4. Love the flutterby, Walt!

    Now you have to tell us what song that line is from. A Billy Holiday song?


  5. autolycus, I knew it had to be true.

    urspo, thanks. Doug chimed in!

    barb, thanks!

    doug, merci. That's much better than I could do by a long shot. Well, I could have guessed "blue" but without knowing that was an actual category.

    bettyann, Am I Blue is a song written by Harry Akst and Grant Clarke in 1929, and was a hit that year for Ethel Waters. I do believe that Billie Holiday recorded it, too, as did Bette Midler, Streisand, Cher, and even Ricky Nelson. Wow. The internet is very handy!

  6. bettyann, I know the song from Streisand's recording in the movie Funny Lady.

  7. The butterfly is a male Common Blue Polyommatus icarus (L'Argus bleu). I have tried on several occasions to photograph this species in the last week or so, and go nothing! Amazingly, this is not the bluest species we get here – there is one even bluer.

  8. susan, thanks! I appreciate your identification skills!


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