Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Walking Into Town

From any of the small parking lots around St.-Aignan, it's a short walk into the center of town. But it will be either an up-hill or a down-hill walk (and vice-versa for the return) because the town is built on the slope of the river bank.

One of the collégiale's bell towers seen from the streets of St.-Aignan.

There are two prominent landmarks in St.-Aignan. One is the Romanesque church, or collégiale, that's just a block off the central square. It has two bell towers that stick up over the roofs of the other buildings in town.

The other is the château, built on the highest bluff above the river, and right next door to the church. Most of the medieval parts of the château are gone, but there are some remnants. The rennaissance wings of the château are intact. In fact, they're lived in!


  1. Are that your friends walking in front of you, or some local people on their way to a party? Martine

  2. Reminds me of Albany...kidding, totally kidding. Hehehe.

  3. One of those friends/locals looks like it could be Ken.

    Sorry there was no Jerry Lewis twinkling in the night sky - how about Sylvester Stallone?

  4. It's too bad that Google street view doesn't extend to this lovely place.

  5. Thank you...it almost like being there...

  6. How exciting it is to live with such architecture and history.
    Where I live, the prefabricated houses are bulbous liver- colored monstrosities of a uniform ugliness though no two are quite alike.

  7. martine, yes, friends!

    arnie, hehehe... although there are parts of Albany that look similar... ;)

    john, right on! It's Ken. No Stallone sightings. But I did think I saw Elvis. Or was it Michael Jackson?

    starman, we're much too small!

    stephen, glad you're enjoying it!

    michael, the grass is always liver-colored.

  8. Don't feel too badly, it's not available in Frankfurt or Berlin, either.


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