Thursday, September 17, 2009

Periodic Puppy Pics

Ok, so one more photo from Salers. This time, Callie and I were waiting for some friends to finish their stroll through a shopping street. Callie enjoyed watching the people and dogs walk by us.

Callie watches the people go by.

On Wednesday, Ken and I went to the train station to pick up Bill in NH, a frequent commenter on our blogs. We had a fun day starting with an impromptu wine tasting in a small town up on the Loire followed by a nice lunch in the same small town.

We took Bill to his hotel in St.-Aignan and after a brief rest the three of us, plus Callie, went to the Lapin Blanc for a beer. We were investigating the red beer that I blogged about in July. Turns out that it's a mixture of beer, limonade (a bubbly, sweet, lemon-flavored drink), and grenadine. We each had one. It wasn't bad, but it's likely to be the last one I'll ever have.

As we arrived at the café and sat at the last available table outside, we noticed a couple next to us watching intently. After a few seconds the women spoke to us: "Is that Callie the collie," she asked? I said yes, and she turned to her husband and said, "These are the guys!"

It turns out that Sylvia and Paul, an Australian couple from Sydney, are blog fans, too. While planning their trip to France, they decided to include a week in St.-Aignan after reading about it on our blogs. They had split their stay between a house that friends of ours renovated and sold which is now being rented out as a holiday home, and the gate house at the château, which has also been renovated as a holiday rental.

This is the first time we've been recognized on the street because of the blogs. Well, actually, it was Callie who was recognized. She's a celebrity! And we both felt a little like celebrities, too, if only for a few moments. Sylvia said she was a bit embarrassed and felt like a stalker, and we all had a good laugh and chatted for a few minutes before they were off.

After we finished our beers, we headed with Bill over to the pizzeria on the main square for a bite to eat. We were welcomed in grand fashion by Véronique, the owner and hostess. Since we have been going there for a few years, she recognizes us as local customers and always greets us with cheek kisses (les bises) and now she even tutoies us. The restaurant was completely full (we had stopped in earlier to reserve a table) and bustling, which kind of surprised me for a Wednesday night out of season.

So, this has been quite the week for us what with meals out, exotic cocktails, and meeting blog fans. We're glad you're out there! And Callie loves to give "pawtographs."


  1. That sounds like a great day!
    And you really are famous now! :-)

  2. That's hilarious! What a great story. And I'm so glad to know that you and Bill got to experience the red beer concoction :))


  3. Perhaps you could start a points contest. Ten points for Callie spotters and ten points for those who see Celestine! Not sure how many you give their owners though!!
    All your recent posts have been such fun. Many thanks for LOL. Angela

  4. Double double-entendre! He! he! LOL/MDR

  5. Callie has got her fan club :-)

  6. i don't know what it takes to get my daughter's mother in law (who is about my age) to use "tu" with me....she stayed for 2 weeks at my house in NC (very informal place) and I am hesitant to be the first one to use "tu" so when she left she wrote me a thank u note (and I thought, OK, finally a "tu") but noooo still "vous" arrrggghhh

  7. Just like in the U.S., people recognize a dog and remember it's name but forget the owner's name-big smile.

  8. That's how it is when you are young and beautiful. Perhaps I will winter in L.A., stalked by paparrazi as I party all night with Paris, Britney, and Lindsay. For now though, I think I will go out in the vineyard and roll in something nasty.

    I'm ready for my closeup now...

  9. This post (and Ken's brief account of your encounter) really made me smile. And pawtograph made me LOL!

    verification word: onest


  10. I have been pondering the problems that could arrise from meeting other bloggers or fans, but so far my experiences have been A+. I hope that when we visit the Loire, that we can meet the 3 of you in person. I am daily reader & a huge fan. Thanks, as always, for the swell pics!

  11. Congratulations on being a celebrity!

  12. Thanks for all the great comments! And you'll forgive me for not addressing each one individually this time. I'm on my way out to walk the world-renown Mademoiselle Callie.

    A star cannot be kept waiting.

  13. Bill almost back in NH19 September, 2009 00:09

    What WCS doesn't want you to know is that he steps on her foot to make her squeal and thus attract attention...see the full behind-the-scenes story of Callie's miserable home life in this week's National Denquirer...see exclusive photos of her being forced to eat from a dog bowl on the floor...and more!!


    I think none of us are overly glad that we got to experience the red beer of those things that makes you say "Gee. that was interesting, let's try it again in about 50 years".


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