Thursday, August 26, 2010

Turns out they're red

Remember that bunch of green grapes I showed you back on July 13? I wasn't sure whether they'd turn out to be white or red grapes when they ripened. Well, now I know. Take a look:

Red grapes ripening in the vineyard. Harvest time is nearing!

This is certainly not the same bunch, but it's from the same row. Obviously red. Which varietal? Darn, I knew you were going to ask and I haven't got a clue. I do know that it's either gamay, cabernet franc, côt (also known as malbec), or pineau d'aunis. Those are the four primary red varietals grown in our region. But you have to be more of an expert than I am to identify them from this photo.

We haven't heard yet when the harvest will start this year. Usually it gets under way in mid to late September, depending of course on the weather and which vineyards are ready first.


  1. WOW!! Looks beautiful!! I can taste it, actually-- the eating grapes that are on the walls of that little house thing in the vineyards... YUMM!!!!

    We'd like to come sometime and get some more wine from Mr. Geurrier... We're all out of white!!
    Do you have apples ripe yet?? We still have to come and pick pears, too!! Mon dieu.. Too much to do this fall!
    Feel better!

  2. They look ready to eat...or press.

  3. vtt, thanks!

    leesa, uh-oh! We're not having a good apple year this year. Only one of our trees is doing anything. It goes like that every other year.

    starman, not yet! A few more weeks.

    tch, welcome!


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