Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A stained glass window

Here's a very different window, seen from inside looking out. This is one of many similar windows in the fourteenth century royal residence at Loches. I have no idea how old these windows are. They could be very old or they could be more modern interpretations of what might have been there before. Who knows?

Looking east over the Indre River valley from the royal château in Loches.

We're enjoying (or at least not complaining about) the mini heat wave we're having. Although I must say that when it gets over 30ºC (about 86ºF) in the house we're not exactly comfortable. Still, the vegetable garden appreciates the sun and heat, as long as I keep it watered.

On Monday, we opted for a salad lunch. Got to keep cool. The laundry is drying very quickly out on the line in this weather. And though it's hot, there is not much humidity. Thank goodness.


  1. A lot warmer than the 16c we experienced in Paris just two weeks ago!

  2. Old/new? It's still a pretty window. And I like how you cropped it to fit on your page.
    Walt, thanks for your help on my site yesterday. With that info, I can report it to the Comment Administrators.
    p.s. I'm glad to be going back to work today. I could use the rest. m.

  3. Do you guys have A/C in the house?

  4. I'm a sucker for stained glass in all it's varied forms. The simplicity of this design appeals to me and I like the colour tones too.

  5. Love the Bertie on the car pic!

  6. victor, I know! But the heat hasn't lasted. We're back to seasonal temperatures now for a few days.

    mark, hehehe. Are the comment administrators Fred & Co.?

    diogenes, Ha! It is to laugh... Nope.

    craig, I agree.

    ginny, he gets up there from time to time. Must be warm in the sun.

    bentonquest, thanks!

  7. The color tones of the stained-glass window are perfect. From the inside looking out, the view over the Indra River valley is so picturesque it almost feels like you're looking at a vintage painting. I love it!


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