Sunday, December 16, 2012

Another frosty sunrise

In reality it's the same sunrise I posted a few days ago, just taken from a different spot in the vineyard. This one's a few minutes earlier than the last one as the sun is still below the horizon. But the huge cloud formation was dramatically lit.

A December sunrise over the vines.

I made a batch of almond biscotti yesterday as I do from time to time during the holiday season. Maybe I'll get it together to take a picture of them before we eat them all. I'm also planning to make a fruitcake for Christmas next weekend. More about that later.


  1. FRUITCAKE? I love fruitcake!

    I made gingerbread yesterday; the house smelled so good whilst it was baking!

  2. I'm also a great fan of fruitcake.
    Have never understood why it's the
    butt of so many jokes. Looking forward
    to step-by-step photos.

  3. Oh, good! (<-- That was about the almond biscotti and the fruitcake :)
    I've never really liked fruit cake, but my mom used to make a fruit-poundcake at Christmas (pound cake with little cut up pieces of maraschino cherries and chopped walnuts and something green... what is the little green candied fruit??). It was such a heavy batter that her mixer struggled with it, so she hasn't made it in years, but I may try it this year.

    I will enjoy photos of your biscotti and fruit cake :)

  4. Those short overcast and dark days are great for baking. Maybe fruit cakes are done with all those different colors so they look like the decorations on a Christmas tree?

  5. anne marie, I like the smell of baking!

    sheila, good fruitcake is nothing to joke about!

    judy, the recipe I use came from susan (above). It's not the American variety of fruitcake that's yellow with fluorescent colored fruit chunks.

    nadege, could be...

  6. Like Sheila, I have wondered why so many people claim to dislike fruitcake.


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