Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oak leaves

I saw these leaves on one of the small oaks out in the vineyard last week when we had a frosty morning.

A frost-tinged oak tree.

The oak trees' leaves turn brown in the fall, but they don't fall from the tree until spring, when the new growth pushes them off.


  1. Is it a Pin Oak? The leaves look different to a Pin Oak. Nice fat buds showing.

  2. I think that Swamp Oak leaves look rather like this-- with the rounded edges. Oh,wait... the other leaves aren't rounded. Susan? Walt? what oak is this?

    Happy birthday tomorrow, Walt!

  3. Walt, re-newsiness : I had a good laugh!

  4. Yes, I don't have a Mayan calendar so I'm not worrying about the apocalypse! Wishing you birthday greetings for tomorrow! Your photo would be a great one for a horticulture class - identifying trees was much easier when we had good clues for buds, leaves and bark during the different seasons. My recollection is that Pin Oaks have very sharp points at the ends of each lobe. I can't ID this leaf right now, sorry.

  5. Your trees don't understand the meaning of "fall"?

  6. Le format carré est très bien vu.
    Aucun rapport, mais Callie est bien un berger Australien ? J'ai des cousins qui en ont un (mâle) à l'essai et il a l'air très gentils avec les visiteurs, contrairement à leur précédent chien, un Malinois qui était devenu agressif même avec la famille :-\.

    1. olivier, non, Callie est un Border Collie, une autre variété de berger dont les origines sont autour de la frontière Ecosse/Angleterre. Callie est né près de Montluçon.

  7. We have trees in our plaza, not oaks (but I don't know what), that also stubbornly hold many of their leaves until spring. Thankfully, no frost! Beautiful photo!


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