Saturday, December 08, 2012

Time flies

It seems to me as if the growers have got a head start this year with their vine pruning. One guy in particular has been working since early November and nearly all his parcels out behind our house are done.

These vines have been pruned back to one cane each. The sun is glinting off the guide wires.

There are still many parcels out there owned by other growers that have yet to be pruned. They'll get done between now and February. All the pruning is done by hand, in the cold and wet conditions typical of a Loire Valley winter.


  1. He can sit back with a glass of wine and watch as they others do what he has already done.

  2. it will be interesting to post this same pix in the summer when the vines have grown back!

  3. starman, sounds like a good plan!

    anne marie, I'm sure I've done similar, but I'll try to remember when spring comes around.


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