Saturday, December 29, 2012

I heard it through the grapevine

These grapes grow up against a stone building out in the vineyard. The little building is an old cabane du vigneron (grower's cabin) that is locked up, unused. These old buildings sprinkled here and there in the vineyards used to serve as storage buildings and shelters for taking lunch while working in the vineyard. That was back in the day before cars and tractors made it easy to go home for the mid-day meal.

These grapes are on their way to becoming raisins.

Several old vines adorn the sides of this building, and while the grapes are not harvested for wine, the grower still prunes the vines back every year to ensure healthy growth in the spring and summer. The grapes are tasty and available to those of us who walk by on a late summer's day. The rest are for the wildlife.


  1. (sings)

    and I'm just about, just about, just about to lose my mind
    oh yes I am (yes I am, yes I am, yes I am)

    raisins...YUM! good in oatmeal raisin cookies too!

  2. Interesting about the thirteenth moon. We who live in the city, don't pay much attention to the moon or its phases.

  3. Always good to hear that some is left for the wildlife. I try to provide that in my back yard which reminds me, I have to plan some more berry bushes. I want a LOT of bird activity this year.


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