Monday, December 03, 2012

Sunday sunset

Sunday turned out to be a pretty day with big puffy clouds and nice sunny intervals. Late in the afternoon, as the sun went down, a new weather system started to move in and the sunset was pretty.

Looking southwest through the vineyard. See the airliner's contrail at the top?

Today we're going to have rain most of the day with the heaviest precipitation later this afternoon. The good part is that the system is bringing mild temperatures back, albeit temporarily.


  1. LERVE the sunset pix AND your new profile pix! you look sexay!

    we have been having sunrises/sunsets like that this past week. you don't see colors like that in any paintbox.

    get well soon, bert! (from my 2 furkids to yours)

  2. Were you and Ken taking photos at the same time? :)
    Oh! I just read the comment about Bertie. I hope he'll be better soon!

  3. Wasn't it a lovely day yesterday? Best wishes to Bertie from Baron who is recuperating from something similar.

  4. The layers of color in the photo are lovely. Our mild weather has been a pleasure, hope yours lasts a while. Also hope Bertie is on the mend.

  5. Ditto on the sunset, ditto on the same weather here in the northwest of USA, and yes, I'm hoping you are correct about the bad bird!

  6. P.S. Also ditto on that new haircut!

  7. THE TOP part of the sky looks like the sea

  8. I've always loved sun sets. Splendid.


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