Monday, December 31, 2012

Painting in the sky

Sunday's sunrise was probably the last we'll see like this in 2012. Today we're under overcast skies, but yesterday the relatively clear sky was painted with bands of low clouds and airline contrails. As the sun reached the horizon, the contrails shone bright white as if someone had drawn a brush across a blue canvas.

The last clear morning of 2012. Let's hope we have plenty like this in 2013.

The undersides of the clouds were tinted orange and red for a few brief minutes. I'll post one of those shots soon.


  1. Very "crisp" shot and such blue sky! Have a great end of the year celebrations!

  2. Oh how I envy you that beautiful blue sky - great photo.

    Happy New Year to you both !!

  3. During our river cruise through Europe in 2011 I was struck by the sight of those contrails. We don't see them to the same degree in Australia.

  4. Happy New Year to you two, from us too!
    And also Happy Mew Year to Callie and Bertie from Baron and RonRon...
    may this year be 'Appy, 'Ealthy, and Prosperous.

  5. I caught that, Walt! "the last... this year" -hehehe
    I agree with Jean - we've had no clear blue skies like that lately in Eugene Oregon. Although I'm hoping for some soon...

  6. Ken and Walt,
    Happy New Year! It is now the new year there, but not yet here. Hope you continue to enjoy the good life, the bubbly, and old and new friends!


  7. Happy New Year to both of you from C & A in California.


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