Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Les feuilles mortes

The leaves in the vineyard got a good dose of frost recently. Soon the repeated freezing and thawing will reduce autumn's leaves to mulch.

A dead grape leaf touched by frost in the vineyard.

I wonder if we'll have any snow this year. We did last year, but not every year brings snow to our region. They've already had a bunch in the mountains, of course, and to the north and east of us. We'll see. Not that I'm anxious for snow. Just curious. We've got the whole season still to go.


  1. It looks almost like snow here this morning the frost is so heavy!! Keep well Diane

  2. Geeze louise, it's only 21° F here this morning. I think that's the coldest it has been all year, since last winter was relatively mild. Yikes! But, we're headed for the 50s again this weekend. Crazy December weather.

  3. As Judeet would probably say, jeepers, it's 61F here today and still people are bundled up. Of course, scarves come out in summer when temps plummet below 85F.

    I love how you show the beauty of a dead grape leaf. Beautiful photo... especially when zoomed!

  4. Besides the well thought out photos, your titles are perfect, too!

    We, too, are expecting the potential of snow this evening (that is, those above 2000' in elevation (Eugene, Oregon, U.S.A.)

    Oh, Walt, I didn't really think you would add baby oil or anything else to the clementines!

    Merci bien.

  5. We had to turn on the AC last night.


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