Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Frosty berries

With apologies to my cyber-friend Olivier at Ruralité, who takes magnificent photos of, well, everything. He did a series recently featuring the berries of the fusain (spindle, in English). His pictures showed the berries opened up, with the orange seeds visible.

The orange seeds look more red in my picture, but you can see a little of the orange color on the extreme left.

I had never seen that, so I went back to look at the one place near us where I know this plant grows. And, sure enough, the berries had opened to reveal the orange seeds. That morning was a cold one, and the frost on the berries was pretty.

Thanks to Olivier for inspiring this post.


  1. The colour combo in spindle seeds is just gorgeous, isn't it?

  2. You changed your shirt to match the

  3. tres belle! the cardinals (birds, not church folk) that hang around all winter would LOVE to make a meal of those tempting berries!

  4. European Euonymus - in Hungary it's called Pap Sapka (sounds more like pup shup'kuh and means "Priest's hat").

    Great photo, but now I feel cold.

  5. Hello, merci de parler de mon blog :-). J'ai vu aujourd'hui des baies encore roses de fusain d’Europe. Mais beaucoup commencent à devenir marron. Tout de même, c'est vraiment agréable d'avoir encore des touches de couleur si tard dans la saison.

  6. Ah, juste après être passé ici j'ai vu ceci :
    Une pure merveille à voir absolument, en cliquant sur la photo pour l'agrandir.


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