Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wednesday's sunrise

Wednesday was the coldest day we've had so far this season. We measured -3.1ºC at the house, and we usually read a bit warmer than the official temperature because of where our thermometer is located. The high didn't get much above 1ºC, but at least the sun was out and there wasn't much wind.

The sun peeks above the horizon on Wednesday morning over a frosty vineyard.

The forecast is calling for a weather system to move in, bringing warmer temperatures from the south and rain, but also wind. I hate wind. So, we'll batten down the hatches and hibernate indoors for a day or two until this system passes us by. It shouldn't be bad, just enough to frazzle my nerves.


  1. bon matin! ooooh, too cold for me; I'd stay inside beside the fireplace if I were you. currently +2C here at 3a.

  2. The weather system might not be too bad, you'll be okay.

  3. Just remember that those cold temperatures are good for fruit trees. That is the problem in SoCal; it is never cold enough for cherry trees... C'est l'hiver apres tout!

  4. It's good you have such beautiful views from inside the house. That's as far as I would get.

  5. My favorite time of be somewhere warm!

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  8. That's a lovely photo.
    It was -7°C as I drove to work today and it didn't get above freezing all day. We had a lovely sunrise here too, pale sky, big orange sun, mist and deep, deep frost - but I didn't have my camera with me when I took Lulu for a walk - c'est la vie!

  9. your nerves are never frazzled; you are like the rocks at stonehenge; nothing knocks you down !

  10. anne marie, I don't venture out much, but the dog needs her daily walks!

    virginiac, we certainly hope so!

    judy, thanks!

    nadege, yes, true. People here will complain when it's not cold enough.

    mitch, this view is not from the house, but you're right, our views of woods and vines make it not so bad. In fact, the huge windows were the main selling point of the house for us.

    jim, thanks! Good to see you here!

    starman, somehow I knew that about you...

    merry, hi! Thanks for stopping by!

    jean, wow, you're much colder than we are. Stay warm!

    michael, oh, the wind can frazzle me pretty quickly. Let's hope you're right!


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