Thursday, December 06, 2012

Bert in a box

A window box, that is. Here's a shot of our house on Tuesday. You can see that Bertie has just jumped from the deck onto the flower box outside the kitchen window. When he can't see us in the living room, he'll check to see what's going on in the kitchen. He knows where we hang out.

Nearly all the leaves are gone now. The grass will stay brilliant green all winter. Click to Bertinate.

Now that the flowers are gone from the boxes, we sometimes find Bert stretched out in one of them, napping in the dirt. Silly kitty.

Bertie perched on the window sill above the flower box. A nice view from up there.


  1. a cape cod house, similar in design to my own!

    bert is a good watch cat.

  2. Not so silly Bertie... we cats know that the soil will still be warm, even if all around is cold... and it's nice that you will always make such a fuss of us if we come in dirty... it is nice to be so appreciated!

  3. my cat does that at my neighbors and doesnt even mind if her flowers are planted in there!

  4. Great to see Bertie :)

    I like that photo at the top-- another perspective I've never seen of your house. :)

  5. Walt

    Is the first picture taken from the street or your neighbour's yard?
    A good shot of the house coming up the street :-)

    Bertie is inspecting his territory from his location on the window sill. Nice sunny spot from taking a snooze during the day, undisturbed by Callie.

  6. Our cat stalks us both inside and outside the house. Tortoise shells stay playful their whole lives. She also likes to lay in garden dirt.

    I'm glad Bertie is back to his normal routines.

  7. It's a beautiful scene and Bert completes it.

  8. I just had to Berticate that photo - I just couldn't resist your offer. Bertie still wasn't very large and then I realised there was a second photo! The first one made him look like a plywood cutout. Back when that look was popular there were rabbits and cats peeking out of corners and on my window ledges inside my home.
    So glad Bertie is back in the swing of things. You were right - probably just something he ate.

  9. I think he was just looking for the warmest place to take a nap.

  10. anne marie, yeah, he watches a lot. lol.

    ron ron, ah yes, the "warm dirt" story! :)

    melinda, Bert has climbed over the flowers a time or two.

    judy, :)

    t.b., yes, from across the street in the neighbor's yard.

    evelyn, Bert does lay in the dirt outside in the summer.

    mitch, and he knows it, too.

    mary, he does eat a variety of wild critters. Yuck.

    starman, he really just wants to come into the house, but the dog won't let him.


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