Thursday, December 12, 2013

Frosty mornings

For the past week, our morning low temperatures have been just below freezing. With each passing day, the ground gets colder and the morning frost cover gets thicker. It's quite beautiful, but difficult to capture with the camera. The light is very low when we go out for our walks and as the sun rises, the frost melts.

Just a light coating of frost in this photo taken two weeks ago on Thanksgiving morning.

Most of it melts, anyway. There are shadowy spots where the frost remains all day. It's interesting to go out as the sun is setting in the afternoon and still see frosty patches here and there. I wonder when (and if) we'll have our first snow of the season?


  1. Callie looks like she's saying, "C'mon, take the picture, it's cold out here!"

  2. we have already had 8 inches of snow; I am sick of it already.

  3. Beautiful panorama. It's even colder in Virginia. If that's any consolation.

  4. I too think this is a lovely photo.
    Keep the frost; if we get word of such the city goes into hysterics and puts styrofoam cups on all the cacti tips.

  5. I've been snowbound now for 6 days and my milk is nearly gone (I drink it with my coffee at a ratio of 1:1). Be careful what you wish for.
    Now there might be freezing rain arriving this afternoon before I can get off this hill ;-( .

  6. starman, yup!

    anne marie, I would be, too. Ugh!

    stuart, it is. ;)

    michael, oh my.

    mary, ouf! I hope you can get out soon! Take care.


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