Sunday, December 15, 2013

More frosty fotos

The frost is pretty much over for now, given that the low temperatures are back above freezing. I'm sure it won't be long before the cold comes back. At least we're not getting snow like they are in the Northeastern US right now.

Frosty leaves, still hanging on.

We do get snow during the winter, but it's not much and it doesn't last very long. Still, unusual cold spells and snowfalls do happen from time to time. People tell stories about those years around here. We'd be shut in for a while, not wanting to take the car down the hill if we had heavy snow or ice. But we would be ok for a while with our stocked pantry and freezer. Even if we lost power (no!), we have the wood stove for heat and the gas cook-top for heating water and cooking.


  1. Walt... for the snowed-in days you need a really battered old 2CV...
    and some snow chains if it gets really bad...
    the deuche just cuts its way through the snow....
    like the VW Beetle, the main weight is over the drive wheels...
    but in a 2CV... they are also the wheels you steer with...
    much more controllable!!

    The last three "frosty" pix would make a great tryptich...
    with today's shot the middle one!!
    Lovely series of pix!

  2. I agree with Tim.

    Are these the leaves of a 'Cornouiller' [Dogwood]?

  3. You got the focus just perfect. Beautiful texture. Keep 'em coming.

  4. Make that 3 votes for a tryptich, such lovely
    photos. And matted to match the color of
    the rose.

  5. Cher Walt, les trois photos…elles sont magnifiques ! Merci pour eux !


  6. I'm wondering if the East Coast is getting that Arctic Blast that came down and devoured the West Coast last week? I haven't had time to keep up with the weather once our snow melted there was plenty to do on my "list"! If there was a 2CV for sale around here I'd scoop it up!
    There is one in town that is owned by a B&B - "C'est la Vie" - owned by a french woman and her husband.

    That calendar idea is still fresh in my mind!

    Mary in Oregon

  7. Tim, I believe all French cars and many others have been 'traction avant' — front wheel drive — for many years now. I know my little Peugeot is a 'traction' not a 'propulsion', like the 2CV. And it has air conditioning, automatic windshield wipers, and many other comfort features, not to mention a nice diesel engine.

    1. Yes Ken, I think you are right about that... André Citroën and his designer Pierre Boulanger were copied almost immediately...
      Your little Puggy is fine... and is deezil [very nice with the cost of gaz at the moment... we are using the Merc more and more]...but it has wide'ish wheels and they are the problem... as with our Merc.
      However... it is the "battered, old" that is the more important bit... one more knock won't be noticed...
      if you go out in your nice shiny car on a slippery day... it is always worry, worry, worry... all the way!!

      The WV has just come up with "Newsive"... as the word... perfect for yours and this blog!


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