Friday, December 06, 2013

The browning of the vineyards

The leaves have all fallen from the grape vines now, even more so than in this photo, taken last week. Most of the leaves from the trees in our yard are also down and I got the driveway cleared of them yesterday. It won't take much to get the rest of them up now.

What once was a sea of green, then yellow and gold, is now brown.

The barbecue grill and the deck table and chairs have all been put away for the winter. Most of the potted plants are now indoors or under cold frames. I think we're ready for winter.


  1. Even in brown, it's a magnificent landscape.

  2. Time to take a hobby that can be practiced inside. (It is on the chilly side here this morning, which made for some very funny FB posts. Californians don't do well when the temps fall under 60 F).

  3. I think I've told you this before: To me, it's so beautiful, from this distance!


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