Monday, December 16, 2013

Tired of frost yet?

I have more frosty photos to foist upon share with you. Our days are much more mild than they have been. Today, the gardening guys are coming by to trim the tall hedge along the road. Last year, they cut two sections of the hedge down low and I trimmed those earlier this fall. But I won't climb up on the ladder to do the taller sections any more, so we hire that part out now.

These are little plants, about six inches high. They looked like tiny Christmas trees with the frost.

Since they're professionals, they have better tools for the job. For example, they use a moveable scaffolding instead of a ladder. That way, the guy trimming the top of the hedge can walk normally the length of the scaffold and not have to teeter on a ladder. Also, his trimmer is attached to a long pole, so reaching is minimized.

One day, we may have more of the hedge cut down to size. But I still like the privacy that the tall hedge provides, especially between the road and the yard.


  1. Frosty photos are fabulous! Keep them coming as far as I'm concerned!

  2. post whatever you like; nature is fascinating. you are 20 degrees warmer than I am right now at 6:30a!

  3. You're not kidding. All you need are little tiny ornaments. Beautiful shot !

  4. I like your tall hedge which gives you privacy and beauty. A tall fence would be ugly.

  5. Lovely! So, is this month 4 or 5 of the calendar?

  6. This one is one of my favorites


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