Sunday, December 29, 2013

Raindrops on branches

And whiskers on seals. We're having so much rain right now. The ground is saturated and the water doesn't have time to soak in before the next downpour. I've rarely seen so much water running on the ground in the vineyard. Every low spot out there has become a lake or a rushing stream.

The rising sun makes these water droplets sparkle during a brief break in the wet weather.

We had one humungous downpour on Saturday morning that left huge puddles in our gravel driveway out front and in the gravel walkway out back. We're still kind of holding our breath, but the roof over the kitchen is not leaking. I'm hopeful that the guy who worked on it last summer actually fixed the problem and that the roof is draining properly now. It'll take a few more downpours with dry results to convince me, but given the current forecast, I don't think we'll have to wait too long.


  1. You're right, Walt. The next in the 'storm chain' is coming along tonight and over tomorrow - which, I guess are the very same features that are blowing our own brollies inside out here on the English south coast. Hope it confirms your the roof repairs were successful.

  2. Isn't too much rain bad for the grapes?

  3. horrible conditions you are all enduring over there!

    we are getting set for a cold blast this week, after a rainy sunday. thank bob it's too warm today to snow!

  4. These rains have been unbelievable (but not here... just wind). So glad your roof is holding up. I'll keep a good thought!

  5. Yes, I understand the leakage "issues". We had our terrace completely redone this year to stop the leaks into the cave (my workshop) below. So I will be very interested to see if there were any leaks while we were in the States for the last three weeks (back to Amboise tomorrow). Sounds like Saturday was a good test. Hope your roof hold up.

  6. My fingers are crossed for your kitchen roof. Hoping with everyone else the fix will hold through your deluges that just keep coming, it sounds like.
    Meanwhile, I learned at a party last night that here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon (of all places!) we are 25% below our annual needed amount of rainfall for the year... Send some of yours this way...please.

    On an aside: Walt on several sites I have seen the same type of photographs of Christmas tree lights showing the lights as large circles! I now have read to make the F stop at 2.8. Is that how you achieved the look?

  7. I miss rain; I am jealous.

  8. raybeard, they've ratcheted down the predictions for our area. Most of the next storm will be north and west of us, in Brittany.

    starman, not this time of year. They don't like rain when the fruit is on the vine.

    anne marie, it's not so bad... better than cold and snow!

    mitch, thanks!

    judy, no kidding!

    stuart, hope you enjoyed your trip!

    mary, yes. When you open up the aperture (low F number), the depth of field is very shallow resulting in the blurry effect behind and in front of whatever is in focus.

    michael, well, we get a lot of it. But not too much. I'd like a little more warmth, actually. But again, not too much of it. I think I'd melt in Phoenix. Glad to hear that Someone is feeling better.


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