Saturday, December 28, 2013

River mist

Here's a view from the vineyard behind our house out across the river to the other side. The house with smoke rising from its chimney is on the north bank of the Cher. We're on the south. Often, at sunrise, mist will form on the surface of the river and slowly fill in the valley.

Those utility poles have been disconnected. One day they'll be gone.

If you look closely, you can see our neatly trimmed hedge in the photo, too. The building with the white door and dark shutters is our garden shed. The stone building among the vines belongs to the grower and is a storage shed (although I don't think it's used much any more).


  1. Love the lighting effects and the muted colours - P

  2. I, too, especially like the red band going across the photo, especially with the pale green band below it. This is really a remarkable photo-- who would think that a photo of vineyards that have gone past, and a misty, greyish sky could make such a striking visual?

  3. I noticed the mists rolling through the fields here as well, yesterday . . . hauntingly beautiful!

  4. I wish we could get rid of the poles and wires in our area.


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